EchoBox Solution For A Fast & Easy Home Network 2 x Ethernet Over Coax Kit


echoBox easily connects all of your online devices by turning your existing TV aerial network into a high speed internet superhighway.

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echoBox easily connects all of your online devices by turning your existing TV aerial network into a high speed internet superhighway. Whether you’re looking to get the most from your Smart TV, download content fast, stream HD video, speed up online gaming, or all of that and more, echoBox does it better. See below for the benefits and how echoBox compares to the competition.

Smart TV’s, HD set top boxes and online gaming consoles need a faster and more stable internet connection than ever before. Even the latest Wi-Fi networks struggle to provide a fast and stable enough connection to meet the ever growing demand.

Without installing any new wires, the echoBox delivers a fully wired, high speed data network all around the home via your existing TV aerial cable.

The MoCA® technology inside the echoBox was designed from the ground up to send fast and reliable data without being affected by the environment around it.

Most set top boxes and PVR’s don’t have Wi-Fi capability. The echoBox enables their online functions with all the benefits of a cabled connection.

Fast . Stable . Reliable . Secure . echoBox
Please note: A minimum 2 echoBox adapters are required up to a maximum of 16

136Mbps over existing cables (TRS or RCV) Comes with RJ45 Lead RF Lead x2 ‘F’ – IEC Adaptor.
Send high speed internet to every TV point in your home

Smart tv benefit

Fast, reliable, always on connection for better video performance with no pausing & dropouts caused by breakups in the WiFi signal.

Online Gaming

Faster connectivity & lower latency means online gaming responds faster & game play is smoother.

Movie benefit

Faster data delivery without the pauses & freezing caused by WiFi interference.

Sky benefit

Connect your Sky HD box to the internet without running new cables around the home.

WiFi benefit

Eliminate WiFi dead spots by plugging in a WiFi extender to increase coverage around the home.

Print benefit

An always on connection for your shared printer. For reliable printing from anywhere in the house.

PVR benefit

Most PVR boxes do not have a WiFi connection so enable the online functions without any new cables.

NAS benefit

A direct cable connection from your NAS Drive improves performance & speed, especially for HD Media.

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