Octagon Optima Quad OQSLO 0.1dB Sensitive LNB


This branded LNB from Octagon is suitable for receiving analogue and digital channels from any satellite. 4 analog or digital receivers can be directly connected without additional components.

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Brand LNB`s from OCTAGON is suitable for the reception of analog and digital channels from any satellite. With the OCTAGON GERMANY OPTIMA LNB, you not only get first-class quality but also the very latest technology.

The LNB is characterized by a minimal and stable noise figure of 0.1dB, excellent processing and a UV-resistant weather protection housing.


Excellent noise figure up to 0.1dB
DRO Technology
Gain 60 ~ 65dB
Very low power consumption
Extremely cold and heat resistant
Very high polarization decoupling
High frequency stability
Feed diameter 40mm
3 years warranty
Weather protection
DVB-S2 compatible
Freq. 10.70 - 12.75 GHz
LO 9.75 / 10.6 GHz

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