Please follow these instructions to reset your Snipe Dishes controller ONLY this is not a software / firmware update – Should you have any issues please visit

GPS Update for Selfsat SNIPE Controller

  1. Turn on the controller (controller must be connected to the antenna)
  2. Move the antenna to the HOME position
  3. Press the two green arrow buttons until the red HOME LED is blinking
  4. Navigate to “User 2”, or if it exists to “User 3”
  5. Press the OK button until the green LED at “User 2”, or “User 3” is blinking.
  6. Turn off the controller
  7. Turn on the controller and select the corresponding satellite. Now the antenna will find the right GPS Signal and locking the Satellite.

There is an update for the Snipe V2 controller that can be found by visiting Snipe 2 Controller Update Firmware scroll down to the model you have and download the Upgrade Manual followed by the Upgrade File and follow the instructions in the Upgrade Manual. You will need a PC and USB pen.

We cannot be held responsible for any damage, you upgrade at your own risk